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The sticky sweetness you crave.
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bumble bloom is a plant-based honey alternative in 4 sassy flavours: Classic, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Ginger. Browse Products

Get busy with bumble bloom!

We love sharing our fave recipes -- crazy experiments that worked out or old standbys. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself drizzling just a little more. Own your sweet spot, honey, and don’t let anybody tell you different!

  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • Nut free
  • Vegan
  • Cinnamon Rolls

    Maybe the world's greatest breakfast treat...

    + see recipe
  • Baklava Vegan Style (Opa!)

    We went retro-a-go-go for this baklava remix using bumble bloom Classic!

    + see recipe
  • Ginger Marmalade Bread Pudding

    Try our decadent vegan take on this Nigella Lawson favourite - Cheers, Nigella!

    + see recipe
  • Baked Pears with Cardamom

    If you thought baked fruit was over, you NEED these spicy pears in your life right now!

    + see recipe

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Not your basic bee

Ever since she can remember, bumble has dreamed of having a mic of her own and a loyal audience hanging on her every word. Now that dream is within reach!

Think of bumble as your bee-in-the-field, always listening out for the best in plant-based things and happenings, and just the flat-out coolest places around.

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Ginger is a part of the turmeric and cardamom family. Three of our very favourite medicinal spices. Featured here is bumble bloom ginger. An excellent addition to tea, salad dressings/marinades and a myriad of other delightful dishes.

One of my favourites is a Chili Miso Ginger Dressing with @abokichilife chili miso. The recipe will be posted this evening. Stay tuned!

#veganfood #vegansofig #veganhoney #yvrvegan #sustainablelifestyle #compassion Nobody knows that we’re vegan nerds!

Thanks to all the lovely folks who stopped by @vegansupplychinatown today! The feedback was awesome! Thanks to the lovely staff as well 😘 
#nerds #funtimes #vegan #yvrvegan #veganfood #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #veganhoney Did you know that cardamom is renowned in both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for its healing properties? 
bumble bloom cardamom is a perfect addition to your cup of chai. We also love adding it to baked apples or pears. Health benefits and absolutely scrumptious? Heck yeah! 
#veganfood #vegan #yvrvegan  #plantbased #veganhoney #sustainableliving #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram With a bit more ‘bee time’ on her hands (or legs in her case) bumble is free to discover some of the places and people that give a city its character.

First up: bumble’s hometown Vancouver B.C. Follow bumble on her guided tour of her fave spots in the city. Link in bio ☝🏽 #yvrvegan #vegan #veganfood #vancity #vancouver #plantbased #veganlife #vegansofvancouver #veganbaking #booksofinstagram #vegansofig @plantbasefood @o5tea @teravburger @arbutus_coffee @ilovechickpea @gfepicurean One of my favourite pre vegan treats was baklava. I found it almost impossible to replicate it’s richness and complexity with agave. That problem has been solved 👌🏽 Baklava made with classic bumble bloom. 
Recipe on www.seebumbleinbloom.com

#vegan #vegancomfortfood #yvrvegan #plantbased #opa Thrilled to be a new member of @growplantbased. Michele Simon founded the org to ensure a fair and competitive marketplace for the plant based foods industry. She and her team do a ton of lobbying/education to promote policies that improve conditions in the plant based foods industry and that greatly benefit consumers. 
#plantbased #sustainablefood #veganfood #plantstrong #vegan #sustainability #vegansofinstagram
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